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As avid enthusiasts of the farm to fork way of life, is proud to support organic lifestyle choices by offering a unique dry plucker. From mom and pop restaurants to cottage businesses, we love backing businesses with this same philosophy- those who choose home grown birds or birds that were hunted in the wild, thus supporting the duck hunters, farmers and homegrown bird raisers.It’s the best way to help fight sustainability issues and enjoy consuming or serving fresh, quality food. The FowlPlucker is a super convenient, small and efficient dry plucking machine that will dry pluck all breeds of ducks (wild and domestic), home-grown, Peking Ducks, Muscovy, Quail, Pheasants, and other heritage duck species. Using The FowlPlucker drastically decreases your mess and clean up time. All feathers including eye feathers are plucked and the result is quality meat ready for food processing and or consumption.

Food Processing and Domestic Consumption

We know there are many couples and families who raise birds and practice an organic oriented lifestyle. The average bird hunter nor bird grower won’t want to handle a messy plucking situation, so our FowlPlucker is the perfect choice for those looking to pluck their birds and go straight to the Barbeque, Smoker, Wood Pellet or other cooking means. The old farmstead has no tolerance for corporate industries looking to change the native way of eating or hunting. As natives of Portland, Oregon- we know our fair share of duck hunters, farmers, families and restaurant owners seeking fresh, quality birds for consumption. The world we live in today is filled with less than satisfactory food choices such as the “mystery meat” or “pink slime” found in many grocery stores today and nearly every fast food chain.

Since the beginning of time, humans have lived off the land. Whether it be hunting or scavenging, there has always been a link between nutrition and immediate consumption. Today our meat goes through such a rigorous and unnatural process that involves, preserving with chemicals and freezing for weeks to months at a time. We believe that all homes and restaurants should follow this philosophy.

Barbequing, Smoking, Roasting

Arguably the best thing about a duck is the fat in the skin. This is where all the flavor resides and you should treat the fat of a duck to be just as important as the meat itself. Heritage chickens are not the same thing as ducks and should be cooked differently. Whether you plan on baking, barbequing, smoking or cooking by some other means, it’s important you understand the subtle and not so subtle ways a duck is different from a homegrown chicken. When cooking a wild duck or a domestic breed such as Muscovy, you should consider the meat to be similar to beef rather than chicken. Overcooking a duck is the number one way cooks at home ruin their meal. A savory and delicious duck dinner is achieved when the meat is somewhat pink and tender. If you were to roast a wild or pastured duck the way you might roast a chicken, then you will end up with tough and chewy legs, dry and overcooked breasts and a pan full of fat that you may as well toss in the trash. If you are a local, seasoned farmer or would like to start raising ducks yourself, we created these tips and tidbits of information for your benefit.

A plucked wintering Mallard

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