The FowlPlucker Fingers

Let the Feathers Fly

The FowlPlucker fingers are gentle, removing down feathers and eye feathers even around wounds. Birds are plucked dry, no more scalding and paraffin baths.  No more stiff aching fingers.  Just a few minutes of the soft rotating action of the soft rubber fingers of The FowlPlucker and your bird is clean – really clean!

* The original finger that R.F. Lane created in 1969
Attention Goose Hunters: Your blue goose fingers will pluck large ducks! The black duck fingers do pluck White Front/Specs. Larger 8lb and heavier Canada geese-Short Neck and Long Neck-need some hand plucking (exterior feathers only) and wing removal before a finishing job with the Fowl Plucker.

Domestic/Heritage Birds

Ducks refrigerated for 24 hrs or 3 hours in a freezer pluck good. Chickens and turkeys pluck good with a quick 155 degree scalding.


Shaft and Head Removal Rules

  1. Loosen the 4 allen screws on the coupler, then slide it toward the plucker head and the entire shaft and head will be removed.
  2. Remove nut on end of rubber head.
  3. Remove head then remove wood insert.
  4. The 14 fingers can be pushed out and new fingers inserted.
  5. Sometimes warm water and dish soap will help insert them especially on older models.
  6. While the head is off, brush clean with water soap solution for a new look.
  7. Pluckers for Dummies says DO NOT remove the green shroud for any reason!

We recommend with the purchase of a new finger style that you purchase a new plucker head with fingers installed for a quick 3 minute change on your duck plucker.

Just add a motor, shaft and coupler to the Fowl Plucker Head to build your own plucker.

Need a custom plucker head? If you own an older plucker such as the Duck Stripper by Magna America Corp., the Duck Naked, or the Duck-a-Minit but all you need are new fingers to get it plucking again, we can custom make you a plucker head with our Fowl Plucker fingers. No more beating up your birds and hands with long stiff fingers.

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