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A 3 minute goose plucking with our Electric Travel Plucker

Since 1969

Pluck your duck in minutes without a feather mess by connecting your lightweight & portable FowlPlucker to a shop vac. Your plucked duck will have no down nor eye feathers remaining; your bird is oven ready! Our custom made fingers are uniquely soft and effective at getting your plucking job done. All Fowl Plucker components are sold separately to help you build your own bird plucker.


The Pro Goose Plucker:

This precision goose plucking machine has been created by the makers of the Fowl Plucker. The French have developed “pinch-pull” technology and consume geese as Americans do turkeys. It is best suited for the serious goose grower, processor or goose hunter. Made to fit a 55-gallon barrel or a heavy duty garbage can. It is powered by a 1 1/2 horsepower single phase, 1800 rpm motor. Comes with the Fowl Plucker shaft and head attached to the motor.

The Goose Plucker

The Pro Goose Plucker. Patent pending.


The FowlPlucker:

Powered by an Emerson US 1/3 horsepower electric motor with 1725 rpm, 6.4 amp, 115 volt, SF 135, 10′ inline switch cord, auto thermal protection. The enclosed motor is oilless and should last a lifetime or more for home use. The FowlPlucker stainless shaft and coupling are CNC milled creating little vibration and noise. Two mounting bolts with jam nuts are supplied with each plucker.  Four anti vibration legs are mounted on each base. The key to complete feather removal is power and torque. Our plucker fingers are unique and the most efficient you will find. Many pluckers are noisy and messy. Our fingers are food grade rubber and will not harm the bird skin at any pressure. The shroud is roto molded from PE (polyethylene plastic) and is tough. Its design makes for the perfect flow of feathers into the shop vac. In a few minutes you have a beautiful oven ready bird!

All hand-made and custom designed by Duck Hunters
to honor the bird at your dinner table!




The Do-It-Yourself FowlPlucker

Build your own bird plucker with our FowlPlucker kit.  Includes the unique soft rubber fingers installed in head on a 1/2″ or 5/8″ shaft, all pre-assembled. You supply any motor up to 2hp and we will include the coupler you need. Note: 1725 rpm motor +/- 5% required.

All individual components of The FowlPlucker are also available for purchase separately. Please contact us for our personal advice to help you pluck ’em clean and eat ’em with the skin on.



You may own more that one shotgun during your hunting life
but you’ll own only one Fowl Plucker.



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