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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we order individual components?

Yes, you can! The best way to make sure you order all of the proper individual components is to contact us by calling 503-501-7484

Will The Goose Fingers Work For Ducks?

Your GOOSE fingers will pluck large ducks! The black duck fingers do pluck most White Front/Specs and smaller dark geese such as cacklers and brant.

Need a Custom Plucker Head?

If you own an older Plucker such as the Duck Stripper by Magna America Corp., the Duck Naked, or the Duck-a-Minit, if all you need are new fingers to get it plucking again, we can custom make you a Plucker head with our Fowl Plucker fingers. No more beating up your birds and hands with long stiff fingers.

Do You Offer Custom Setups?

We are proud to offer most
components to those who would like to build their own! Checkout our lineup of Travel Pluckers as well as a DIY Kits!

Will The Fowl Plucker Work With Domestic Birds?

Birds such as Pekin, Muscovy, and others can pluck good with the DUCK finger.

Domestic Heritage birds are not easy to pluck and will require hand work to finish. The
Fowl Plucker value is time and money saved over scalding and waxing.

Chickens should be scalded at 145 degrees for 40 seconds before plucking with original duck finger. Evisceration on all birds occurs after plucking.