Ed and Bill

Our Story

Since 1969 what is now branded as The Fowl Plucker has been providing waterfowl and upland bird hunters a tool with unmatched results and efficiency! Ed and Bill have been hunting together sense 1964 and with over 120 years combined waterfowl experience are excited to share there passion for the hunt and of course...

The Fowl Plucker!

The Story behind The Fowl Plucker

Ed & Bill are the 4th owner/builder of what old-time bird hunters will tell you is the best game/bird picker ever made. It began in Raleigh F. Lane’s garage in Nashville in 1969.  He and his architect friend designed and built the first “The Duck Plucker” as he named it. Their first prototype was made out of a large mailbox.  Then in 1976 Lee Perkins owner of the Orvis company, saw it at a southern quail farm and purchased the business from Raleigh.

In 1990, the Prictchett brothers of Virginia made the Plucker for Orvis till their death in 2003.   Bill & Ed resurrected it in 2011 as “The FowlPlucker” and it remains much the same as R. F. Lane built in 1969.

Ed & Bill are producing something very important in the waterfowl world and are proud to continue R. F. Lane’s legacy with the FowlPlucker. Because of the perfect finger design for duck feather, down, and eye feather removal, the FowlPlucker is 99% efficient on ducks and 99% efficient on feather flow into your shop vac.


These two old duck hunters met in 1964 and now have 120 years of combined waterfowl experience since ages 15 when they started out in the public refuge system in California with their dads. Not ones for fashion fads, new guns and speedy shot, they both relish what has lasted and endured over time. Ed has been plucking with his Fowl Plucker for 38 years.

Passing down the old leather duck strap and the FowlPlucker to a grandson is important to these hunters. Eating whole roasted ducks with the skin on is their passion.

We old timers want to see the best duck plucker ever made continue on in the history book.