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The Fowl Plucker

FowlPlucker GOOSE Fingers

FowlPlucker GOOSE Fingers

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The FowlPlucker Goose fingers are gentle, removing down feathers and eye feathers even around wounds. Birds are plucked dry, no more scalding and paraffin baths.  No more stiff aching fingers.  Just a few minutes of the soft rotating action of the soft rubber fingers of The FowlPlucker and your bird is clean – really clean!

Attention Goose Hunters: Our Goose Fingers still boast the reinforced collar with the coarse thread pattern but are now offered in the same color as our Original Finger! The black duck fingers do pluck White Front/Specs. Larger 8lb and heavier Canada geese-Short Neck and Long Neck-need some hand plucking.


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